My Brother Matt – A Wedding Blog

Most of you know that I have a younger brother, Matt. This weekend marks a major milestone in his life – he’s getting married. I’m super excited…not only is he marrying someone that I couldn’t have picked better myself, but also because he’s really getting to the point of living. He’s always had so much to give another person, and the fact he’s getting to share his life with Jen is really…fantastic. Magnificent. Awesome. HYPERBOLE!!!!

Matt is my only sibling. He was my first friend, my first foe, my first ally, my first enemy. If you have a brother or sister, you know exactly what I mean, unless you are from one of those freakish families that never fought. I honestly don’t remember if I was excited to have a little brother, because I was only 4 when he came along, but I can tell you that we had a lot of time together growing up.



We watched A LOT of movies. And acted them out. Built forts. He really enjoyed being put in the closet and buried in the blankets a lot. I swear, it wasn’t something I did to bully him. He asked for it. I swear somewhere there’s a picture of him in the closet, with his head poking out, smiling. I did pick on him, and when he was able to, he picked on me. We had a LOVELY flower patterned couch, and he’d fart on a flower, and ask me to go smell it. We would wrestle, and it would inevitably turn into a real fight. One time we were fighting while my mother was backing the car out of the garage, and the back door was opened into the side of the garage….oops. We also hid together when things weren’t so fun.


Rocking the mid 80s

I’ve always had this sense of needing to take care of him, and now, as I look toward tomorrow, that job is going to fall to his wife. I’m so happy that I know she is up to the challenge, is capable, and will never give up. As they have lived with us for the last 9 months, I’ve seen evidence they are both up to the challenge of marriage. It’s comforting to know that your brother is in good hands. It’s comforting to know that the sister I’m getting is exactly what I secretly wished for when I was a kid. =D  I never wanted to trade in my brother, but the addition of a sister was always on the wish list.  LOL

My new sister!

My new sister!

I know this post is exceptionally sappy, but this is sort of my wedding toast to Matt and Jen. I love them both, and am extremely happy to have Jen be an official part of the family, though it feels like she’s been here for some time already. My life has always been better because of Matt, and it’s going to keep getting better now that we have Jen, and EVEN BETTER once I have neices and nephews. No pressure. HAHAHA!


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  1. Jen Mattle · December 14, 2012

    No pressure at all. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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