What movie? And Viewer Mail!

I’m a fan of movies.  Most people are.  My mom can take or leave movies, which is weird in my family.  My husband is an avid fan of a select few movies, but can generally take or leave movies as well.  (Ironically, his choice movies are the movies that I HATE).

I hate the following movies my husband loves in no particular order for the said reasons:

  • The Karate Kid (2010) – because the title says Karate and there is no karate.
  • Avatar – because it’s a self-serving piece of CGI weird annoying garbage.
  • Inception – because I hate what I don’t understand.

I love the following movies my husband loves in no particular order for the said reasons:

  • The entire Pirates of the Caribbean series – I’m a fan of pirates in general.  It started with The Pirate Movie (1982), a horrible and wonderful musical film that no one probably saw but me and Matt.
  • The entire Harry Potter series – because it’s Harry Potter and you don’t need a reason.

You can be having a conversation with me, and I’ll randomly quote a (relevant) line to a movie, and look at you expectantly like you totally got what I just said.  Because life is like that – you saw me looking kinda forlorn, and you knew that when you asked me “what happened to you?”, I said “I got hit with a Frosty”, you just knew I was quoting Nicholas Cage in The Weather Man.  My dad does this too, except when he does it, he says “WHAT MOVIE????”  This especially does not work on my mom, who generally never knows what movie, and now we do it just to annoy her. 

I love going to the movies.  I even enjoy going to the movies alone. At times, I find that I laugh more at movies when I’m alone.  My most favorite part of going to movies is watching the trailers before the movies.   There are some people that are very very very good at making trailers for movies, and some that are very bad.  I’d like to congratulate the person that made the trailer for A Haunted House (coming soon).  I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard at just a trailer in a long time.  Also, I’m very afraid that’s all the funny parts to the movie.  You can view the trailer here: http://youtu.be/5VoiD8Fr_SU.  If you feel you are too highbrow for the Wayans brothers, don’t waste your time.  Also, why are you reading my blog?

What movies are your favorites?  Tell me.  Comment away…  Also, tell me why.  Don’t just say OMG I LOVE BEACHES and then don’t say why.  I hate that.  Also, Beaches is a terrible movie.


I’m going to start a new thing in 2013 – Viewer Mail!  I’m going to take requests for advice emails at superbloggyblog@gmail.com and post them (de-identified) on my blog with my honest answers.  You know this probably isn’t a serious thing, so if you need real help,  you probably shouldn’t ask me.  You should call 911, or your doctor, or maybe your spouse or parent.  Let me provide you an example:

Dear SuperBloggyBlog Blogger,

My dog won’t stop barking at the neighbor’s cat.  What should I do?



Dear Reader,

Have you considered calling animal control?  Of course you have. They never come.  Have you addressed the issue with your rude neighbor who lets their cat just walk and poop all over the neighborhood?  Probably not, because no one likes confronting the person they  have to live next door to every day.  My suggestion? Capture the cat, dress it up, and let it loose.  Your dog will probably no longer recognize the cat, and then you’ll have something fun to look at.


SuperBloggyBlog Blogger

Get crackin!  superbloggyblog@gmail.com!