About motivation

Let’s talk about motivation.

You hear it frequently…lack thereof, need of, etc.  Everyone is motivated (or not motivated) by different things.  I seem to be motivated by urgency.  Is this thing due in two hours?  Let me wait for the 1 hour and 45 min mark before I start working on it.  I do this frequently.  Why?  I don’t know, but it motivates me…more than anything.  The worst part, is that I stress out for the duration of the task until it’s done, because I know I’ve got to finish this in an unreasonable amount of time.

Procrastination Meme

I’m also motivated by hunger.  I will often go to any length necessary to come up with an excuse so that I can eat to avoid being hungry.  This is very obvious, as my body has reached critical mass.   If I ate well and exercised, then I wouldn’t feel so bad about this, however, let’s get back to motivation.  Being motivated by hunger is a dangerous thing.  Have you ever gone to the grocery store hungry?  You go for some healthy whole food options, and come back with Cheetos, Mrs Baird’s apple pies, swiss cake rolls, all of the flour tortillas, and some bean dip.  My hunger level right now says I don’t want to starve.  Better eat some Rolos.


You know what I don’t ever need motivation to do?  Read books.  I can read all day long if you’ll let me.  If I’m reading, I’m not physically doing anything.  There goes motivation again.  IT’S EVERYWHERE.  Being motivated to exercise and eat right comes from something within that I obviously do not have.  I will still do it, infrequently, but if I’ve got any excuse whatsoever to not exercise, I will.  Let’s look at some of these excuses:

  • I’m hungry
  • I’m tired
  • My allergies are bad
  • My stomach hurts
  • It’s too hot
  • It’s too cold
  • I don’t want to change clothes
  • I don’t want to do more laundry, because of the clothes
  • I have to cook dinner
  • I have to cook breakfast
  • I have to cook lunch
  • I have to cook tomorrow’s lunch
  • I have to read my book
  • I have to check Facebook
  • I’ve got to log my food
  • Sid is staring at me weird
  • It looks like it might rain tomorrow
  • I have to go to work next week

The list is lengthy and amazing.  The worst part is that I enjoy working out after I’ve worked out.  All those endorphins, the sweat, the feeling like I could run 26.2 miles TODAY….it’s great.  You would think I could use that for motivation!  Nope.  I will be lazy as long as I can.  And eat whatever I want.  And then cry because I can’t button my pants.  When I’ve been on track for a week (GASP!), I give myself a “cheat meal” which defeats the purpose of doing anything.

reeward diet


Today, I have that  urgency feeling again about my pants.  Because they are so not fitting.  And I have to lose all 15 lbs today.  Because that’s how I work.


Let’s talk about you guys.  What motivates you?  Where would like more motivation?