Band Names

I love music.  I’m not snotty about the type of music that I listen to.  I may think that the person(s) singing is a talentless hack, but you know what?  Someone likes them, and countless people around them helped produce it, and it deserves to be heard by someone.

I’ve been witnessing this phenomenon lately…”band names that don’t make any sense and are totally random.”  I know that some names are completely intentional and have some sort of secret/not secret meaning behind it, but I feel that some took a Buzzfeed quiz (“what is your random band name?”) and then came up with their name that way.  Let’s take a further peek at some of these bands:

Best of the Buzzfeed generators

Imagine Dragons; Milky Chance; Arctic Monkeys; The Soup Dragons.  Seriously.  You pair random words and get a band name.  I’ve got a few you guys can use if you’re looking for a name… BANDAGE RABBIT.  BOARD FLOWER. COFFEE PHOTO.  HAPPY PAPER.

Bands with hashtags, periods, or any other form of punctuation

DJs are the worst at this, but I’m clearly eyeballing you Magic!, P!nk and Fun.  Always exempt from any rules whatsoever:  Prince.

Bands with stupid names

Justin Bieber

Band names that are entirely too descriptive

4 Non Blondes; Red Hot Chili Peppers; New Kids on the Block; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Bands that want you to Something the Something

Foster the People; Young the Giant; Cage the Elephant; Rage Against the Machine. Special mention to Panic! At the Disco for combining two of my band pet peeves.

OK guys, I want to know….If you had a band, what would you name it?